today i saw my psychic for a reading and she was asked me if i “had a blog” so i told her “somewhat,” and i’m certain she’s going to use this piece of information against me. she’s going to find my tumblr and the next reading i have she’ll be like “on August 30th, at 11:53 PM, you posted a penis joke, right??? of course i’m right. i’m psychic, bitch. now that’ll be $40.”

Frances, if you’re reading this, i’m onto you.


pretty sure ive reached the point where my fake confidence has become real, im dope af

tonight…. i was peer pressured.

into eating too many corn on the cob’s

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reflektor is OVER!!!!

glad i got to see arkaka fire tour with this album three times!! life changing experiences if u ask me. RIP reflektor


fell in love with a travelling man


i predict that in a few generations, space travel will be just as accessible as like skydiving and 12 year old girls can cross “fly to the moon” off their summer bucket-lists and weirdo nerd couples can have their honeymoon in outer space as they make the first generation of alien babies

its gonna be so sick

- me after listening 2 sad song


Toro y Moi - All Alone

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Cola || Toro Y Moi

it’s imperfect, it’s not forever.

but you’re further, you’re still patient.

i miss u Chaz