Louis Armstrong - A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Anonymous said : watchin red band society and thinking of you lol 

haha too soon to make hospital jokes tbh but i watched it and thought of myself too

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You Are Your Mother’s Child - Conor Oberst
Well, you are your mother’s child
And she’ll keep you for a while
But one day you’ll be grown
And then you’ll be on your own

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Anonymous said : hey im just curious but what happened to you? were you in the hospital or something? 

lol yeah i was in the ER/hospital for 4 days like 2 weeks ago.  it’s a long story but basically my ovary ruptured, i was bleeding internally, i was in a lot of pain, and i had to get surgery. everything has been pretty low key since then because i’ve just been at home recovering from surgery.

you say your time has changed 
that you have faced defeat 
we might be older now 
but is it changing anything

it could be in a way
we’ve learned to carry well
oh how I wish I could 
remove this doubt I feel somehow

I want the best for you
so I won’t look your way
maybe the clouds will clear 
and I’ll be seeing you someday

I wish it were the same
as it is in my mind
I am lighter on my feet 
when I’ve left some things behind

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never prematurely give your Netflix password out to someone you just started going out with because within a few days you will discover he is literally insane and when you break it off he will hog your Netflix account and stream Craigslist Killer Joe every day twice a day